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Last lovers standing are from Stockholm, Sweden.
The debut single Morning is broken was released
on their own record label Run Isle Music in
December of 2004 and was followed by the EP
The time is near in May of 2006.
Last lovers standing are Per Ivansson (bass,
guitars, keyboards, drums etc) and
Magnus Randér (vocals and guitar).
The band has been working with a sense of urgency
on their debut album the last couple of years.
Since the first demo recordings alongside
co-producer Christian Edgren at Traxton Recording.
Last lovers standing reside in Stockholm.
They first came together in music in a Joe Hill
project with Staffan Andersson, who still
plays lead guitar both live and on most
recordings, a decade ago. There have been
other bands, projects, collaborations and
songwriting through the years, but the band
considers Last lovers standing to be their first
massive attack and important attempt at creating
rock songs and recording albums. Since 2005
P-A Wikander has played the drums both live and
on recordings.
Live at Verein08. Vienna, 2005-11-27.
[175 KB, jpg.]
Live at Blue Bird. Szene Wien, Vienna, 2005-11-24.
Vienna Songwriting Association: "Der blaue Vogel ist
nicht nur ...".
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